The ABC of stem cell therapy

It is no secret that medicine developments, and science developments in general, are the result of several years of work. Since their initial description in the 70s, stem cells attracted the attention of the scientific community and the general public around the world.

Their proliferation and differentiation (specific tissue cell specialization) capacity, was the foundation to suggest their therapeutic usefulness in the expectation of replacing lost cells, due to different circumstances, in different tissues; something that is directly related to the development of some of the most important illnesses affecting us nowadays.

50 years investigating the therapeutic use of stem cells evidently have allowed us to answer important questions about it, but what is more, have redirected the initial expectations.

The available information confirms the capacity of these cells to replace lost cells, but what is more, their role as conductor, directing the diseased tissue cells towards tissue harmony, to recover the structure and function thus improving the quality of life.

This conducting capacity, for example, supports the use of this tool to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including severe forms of COVID-19, where we have achieved very attractive results.

The safety and effectiveness of this cell therapy, and other proposals, is directly related to the conditions under which they are produced and handled. It is indispensable to guarantee the absence of potentially infectious microorganisms, including fungi, viruses y bacteria, besides guaranteeing the cell biological/therapeutical characteristics.

In TRUSTEM, we have also understood that the simplicity of use of these products is one of the pillars upon which their safety is built as a therapeutic alternative. With our technological solutions, we can guarantee the stem cell transport and handling with no risk of contamination. This has allowed us to work hand in hand with over 30 health institutions in Colombia, Mexico, United States, and the Caribbean, that have trusted in our advanced medical therapy products.

In TRUSTEM, we are passionate about our responsibility of working for the development of safe, effective, accessible, and easy to use, advanced therapy medicinal products.

By: Carlos Hugo Escobar, TRUSTEM Chief Scientific Director.

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