We were born from research and academe.

Our raison d’être is the constant search for new and better Advanced therapy medicinal products, particularly cell therapy proposals. Our vast knowledge in human cell biology enables us to develop effective techniques and procedures to produce, handle, store, and prepare human cells for therapeutic use.

We have developed, and proved internationally, a procedure for the production and preparation of human stem cells for therapeutic use, making them a useful tool to treat a wide range of diseases.

Experience and continuous work

We are the fruit of more than 10 years of knowledge and continuous work by the research team of the Basic Health Sciences department (Ciencias Básicas en Salud, CBS), of the Medicine School of Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud, FUCS.

Career and effort

The recognition and academic awards won by the CBS research works, were the main motivation to dream of developing a proposal of the highest social impact. In 2018, FUCS and CBS group joined efforts with highly qualified agencies in legal, administrative, financial, and commercial aspects to give rise to TRUSTEM.

A reliable answer

We are the answer to the academic and entrepreneur wishes to offer a reliable (TRUST) and safe option for the production, preservation and use of human stem cells (STEM) under ideal conditions, guarantying their characteristics, quality, and therapeutic capacity (TRUE).