We were born from research and academia.

Our raison d’être is the constant search for new and better alternatives in advanced medical therapy, especially in cell therapy. Our extensive knowledge in human cell biology and medicine allows us to develop effective and safe techniques and procedures for the production, manipulation, storage, and preparation of human cells for therapeutic use.

We have internationally developed and validated a procedure for the production and preparation of human stem cells for therapeutic purposes, making them a useful tool in managing a wide range of diseases.

Experience and constant work

We are the result of over 10 years of knowledge and continuous work by the Basic Sciences in Health (CBS) research group at the Faculty of Medicine of the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS).

Track record and effort

The recognition and academic awards obtained for CBS research work were the main motivation to dream of developing a proposal with high social impact. In 2018, FUCS and the CBS group joined forces with highly qualified entities in legal, administrative, financial, and commercial aspects to create TRUSTEM.

A reliable response

We are the answer to the desire of academics and entrepreneurs to offer a reliable (TRUST) and safe option for the production, preservation, and use of human stem cells (STEM) under ideal conditions, providing guarantees regarding their qualities, quality, and therapeutic capabilities (TRUE).