MD. Surgeon, holding a Master's in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences

He is the author of numerous scientific articles focused on the production and utilization of stem cells and has been the recipient of numerous academic accolades

His doctoral thesis, lauded by the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Colombia, centered on the development of a reliable and secure technique for producing human stem cells suitable for use in therapeutic procedures. His extensive experience includes serving as a professor in postgraduate programs and as the director of the Basic Sciences group at the Foundation University of Health Sciences (FUCS). Currently, he serves as the Scientific Director of TRUSTEM, a medical laboratory dedicated to the development and implementation of advanced medical therapies. Beginning with his role as a professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for clinical-surgical medical specialties, he embarked on his doctoral journey.

Here, he meticulously explored the intricacies, needs, and therapeutic potential of stem cells to identify conceptual gaps hindering consistent therapeutic outcomes. Through his research endeavors, he successfully addressed some of the most significant gaps previously identified. Dr. Escobar ensures the proper handling of produced ASCs and remains dedicated to the continuous pursuit of new technical and technological optimizations to enhance the therapeutic outcomes achieved through their use.

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