This privacy statement affirms our commitment as an organization to respect the privacy of the visitors/users that provide us with any type of information.

This Privacy Statement refers to the use of web sites belonging to TRUSTEM S.A.S through which information is exchanged with the purpose of accessing, using and entering personal information, as well as all additional information such as IP and cookies.

Through our official channels, users can find links to access third party sites, applications, access to external social networks either belonging to TRUSTEM S.A.S or not. When clicking on the links housed in our networks that redirect users to third party sites, such target sites are beyond our control and we are not aware of their policies, which is why it is important that every user reviews third party policies to guarantee the safety of the information that could be deemed necessary.


This Privacy Statement establishes the way in which we gather and use personal information (both in this site and other sites belonging to the organization) provided by users. The information will be used to facilitate contact and relations with our users. The information practices and the content of our sites are bound by these privacy policies.


CONTACT INFORMATION: We will request user contact personal information (name, company where they work, physical address, phone number, and email) with the purpose of improving the contact experience. If necessary, it is possible to request attached information such as occupation, position in the organization, seniority, among others. All these data are previously supplied and authorized by the user.

FISCAL INFORMATION: If necessary, TRUSTEM S.A.S can request relevant information for invoice and audit processes such as name of the organization, tax identification number, email to send invoices, invoicing address, number of employees, among others. If necessary, it is also possible to request additional information such as the organization annual income.

THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: If the user must provide third party information, he or she must have the express consent from those he or she is referring to. Similarly, TRUSTEM S.A.S maintains its commitment to protect and use in an ethical manner the data provided. When the user accepts the conditions, he or she expressly states having the authority and consent from said third parties to use their personal information.

NAVIGATION INFORMATION: While you navigate in the web sites of TRUSTEM S.A.S, navigation data will be gathered using gathering and analysis tools such as Cookies, analytics, beacons, tracking pixels, georeferencing and geopositioning tools, among others. Gathered data are limited to navigation previous and subsequent behavior in the web site, type of navigator, language, IP address, and the device used for the connection. This procedure is meant to improve the quality of the offer.


This information will be used to contact in an effective and personal way each of our users to provide more information and offer services to improve the user experience in our web sites, as well as to refine and personalize our service offer in line with the user interests and the marketing actions derived and content of interest. TRUSTEM S.A.S will share this information in a responsible way with each node belonging to the organization to guarantee a subsequent follow up related to your interests, both commercial and support interests. In case we receive personal data from users, not directly from them but from other sources where they are included, this information could be compared and updated in our records observing the same responsibility policies.

TRUSTEM S.A.S can invite users to answer questionnaires or participate in webinars or events and activities whose purpose is to obtain in-depth data, necessary to optimize the different service offers generated. If the user accepts the sending of information of forms or formats, he or she is agreeing to receive marketing communications by the designated means (email, phone, posts and/or text messages), as well as its use in a responsible way for our commercial purposes for the benefit of the relation with them.

TRUSTEM S.A.S can be obliged by legal request, and when required by law, to share personal or fiscal data from our users, previous express orders from government bodies needing it according to protocols, discretion and guaranties offered by them.

To TRUSTEM S.A.S, data security is important, that is why we aim to protect and use the information provided by users in an ethical, responsible and confidential way. All our user information filed in our records shall enjoy the protection, and due and respectful use it deserves, honoring the trust placed by our users and clients when they contact our organization. In case you need more information, you can request it through our customer service channels.