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The Scientist Behind TRUSTEM

DR. CARLOS HUGO ESCOBAR SOTO. Medical Surgeon, Master’s in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He is the author of multiple scientific articles related to the production and use of stem cells and has received numerous academic awards.

His doctoral thesis, honored by the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Colombia, focused on the development of a reliable and safe technique for producing human stem cells suitable for therapeutic procedures.

His experience also includes his role as a postgraduate professor and former director of the Basic Sciences group at the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS). Currently, he serves as the scientific director of TRUSTEM, a medical laboratory focused on the development and implementation of advanced medical therapies.

With his experience as a professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for clinical-surgical medical specialties, he began his doctoral training, delving into the intricacies, needs, and therapeutic potential of stem cells to identify conceptual gaps that hinder achieving consistent therapeutic outcomes. He carried out research work that helped address some of the most important gaps identified previously.

Dr. Escobar ensures the proper handling of the produced adult stem cells and continues to actively seek new technical and technological optimizations to improve the therapeutic outcomes achieved through their use.

Doctor escobar at his office

Dr. Escobar at his office in Bogotá, Colombia


With his experience as Molecular Biology and Biotechnology professor in clinical-surgical medical specialties, he starts his doctoral training, where he exhaustively explores the distinctive features, needs and therapeutic potential of stem cells, to identify the conceptual gaps that prevent the achievement of consistent therapeutic results with them, conducting research works with which he managed to fill some of the most important gaps previously identified.

Job Requirements

Dr. Escobar supervises the correct manipulation of ASC produced at TRUSTEM, and continuously search for new technical and technological optimizations to improve the therapeutic results obtained with their use.


The significant results of his research work recognize him the title of PhD in Biomedical Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with his thesis focused on the development of a technology for the production of Clinical Grade human ASC, awarded the distinction of Summa Cum Laude by renowned international jurors such as Professor Diego Correa of Miami University and professor Ricardo Dewey of IIB-INTECH from Argentina.