Contáctenos - terapias médicas avanzadas

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    We came from academy and research

    We are constantly seeking new and improved alternatives for advanced medical therapy, particularly in cellular therapy. Our expertise in human cell biology and medicine serves as the foundation for developing effective and safe techniques and procedures to produce, manipulate, store, and prepare human cells for therapeutic use. Internationally, we have developed and validated a procedure for the production and preparation of human stem cells for therapeutic applications, making them a valuable tool in managing a wide range of diseases.”

    Experience and continuous work

    We are the result of over 10 years of knowledge and continuous work by the Basic Health Sciences Research Group (CBS) at the Faculty of Medicine of the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS).

    A reliable solution

    We are the answer to the desire of academics and entrepreneurs to provide a reliable (TRUST) and secure option for the production, preservation, and use of human stem cells (STEM) under optimal conditions, offering guarantees regarding their qualities, quality, and therapeutic capabilities (TRUE).